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Analog Interactive Art Collaboration

実験大好き私は2015年にシンガポールで谷口さんに出会った時にwood cut の作品で出展しましたが、今回の #UnknownAsia は「Interactive Art」を出しますw インタラクティブ・アートと言うと普段はパソコンで作る作品ですが、私のインタラクティブ・アートはめちゃアナログですw しかも手描き原画w そして露光零さんの写真とコラボになります。

I LOVE doing experiment work. Actually when I first met Taniguchi san in Singapore in 2015, I was showcasing my woodcut work at an art fair. This time at UnknownAsia, I’ll be bringing my interactive art pieces. Speaking of interactive art, normally it’s computer related work. But my artworks this time are purely hand drawn analog 🤣 And I will be collaborating with the photographer, Ray Tsuyumitsu san too.


Concept : One can only see clearly with the heart


When viewing the works with the red heart filter provided, the image would change and reveal the positive message.

イラストとコンセプト Illustration and concept by Rinna♥︎猫りんな フォロー Photography by 露光零 Ray Tsuyumitsu

Nostalgic Ride : Let's Time Travel

Music Connects Us All

United Noodle : Asia is One

You are alone / You are not alone

ダイエット少女 Diet Girl : No you can't / Yes You can

Welcome to Hell / Welcome to Heaven

Error Love Not Found / Love Is Found

Losing a Fight is Better than Losing a Friend

SNSに見えにくいですので、是非本物の作品を体験に来てくださいね。10月26-27日グランドフロント大阪(北ビルB2階)でブースナンバー「D-02 猫りんな & 露光零」で皆さんをお待ちしております✨ 詳しくは以下に

The works are kind of difficult to experience online. So I hope you could come to experience them in person. I’ll be waiting for you all at Grand Front Osaka (North building Basement 2 floor) booth number D-02 Rinna & Ray this 26-27 October. Hope to see you there ❤️ More info below.

==================================== 紀陽銀行 presents UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2019 8月1日より、一般来場者チケット販売開始!(English below) ・アジア各国から約300組が満を持して大阪に集結! ・一般来場者が審査員に。来場者によるアワード「オーディエンス賞」! ・気に入った作品がその場で購入出来る! など審査員、レビュアー、一般来場者全員でクリエイターにエールを送るのが特徴です。 前売り券の詳しい情報は をご確認ください。

We are pleased to announce that entrance tickets 🎫 has started today August 1st. UNKNOWN ASIA 2019 in Osaka is one of a kind art exhibition because..... • nearly 300 creators exhibit • every audience can be a judge to vote an audience award • You can buy artworks and also enjoy communication with creators. This exhibition is a participatory event that every audience can support creators and enjoy your life with art. #unknownasia #unknownasia2019 #asia #asianart #art #contemporaryart#design #illustration #fashion #photography #artfair #artevent #digmeout#dmoarts #fm802 #fmcocolo #visiontrack #asiancreativenetwork #ubies#skeletoncrewstudio #grandfrontosaka #osaka #japan


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