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QR Code Art : Blossom Whisper Series Part1

In this series I explored the possibilities of how human and machine could co-share and co-interpret the meaning of the QR code in their own ways. Human interpret meaning from shapes and colours, while QR code reader interpret meaning from black/white areas and consrast. By making QR code into art piece, I challenged the limitation of distorting the black and white areas of QR Code into more colourful shapes with gradient colours which human would understand while maintaining readability for the QR Code reader. (All the links work!) All the QR Code arts link to my other website which hosted a mobile phone game I co-created with my engineer partner, Dango. As the game will be launched on the opening of our exhibition in Osaka (on 27 July 2024), right now the QR Codes will lead you to the blank page. Please scan them again after the launch date. I will update about the game "Blossom Whisper"in part 2.

QR Code Art : Ajisai

QR Code Art : Suzuran

QR Code Art : Ringo

QR Code Art :

This QR Code works by the way. It will lead you to ArtGumi DAO community website.



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