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Group Hug : Won World Illustration Awards (Long List) 2021


My work “Group Hug” have been longlisted for World Illustration Awards 2021 organised by Association of Illustrators, London. ⭐️💕 ✨


During the social distant time, I created this work to send out my positive message and loads of big hugs to everyone. I’m really happy it even reached London ⭐️💕✨ Thank you so much!!





This years long list (first round) works are the top 500 selected from 5280 entries. The shortlist (second round) selection of 200 works will be announced in September. The final results will be announced in October. Although it is still a long way to excitement, I will keep you posted with the results

Since last year I have been struggling through the series of unfortunate events in my life as you may have seen on my sns. But I am gradually getting my grip and coming back to my even better form. After all artist’s happiness is to keep creating artworks, right. Wining awards and such does make me feel really glad that I did not give up no matter what. And yes I will do my best from now on too. I do appreciate your cheering and supports always.


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