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Ramune Girls Series

Introducing AR (augmented reality) art to the traditional art audience in Osaka

Chignitters Art Camp Exhibition at Chignitta Gallery, Osaka Japan 13 - 24 July 2024

Ramune Girls Series are the pixel artworks with AR enhanced. When viewing each girl with AR App (Artivive), the girl would come to life and dance in their own way.

Canvas Version

Art Block Version

The word, "Ramune", is a Japanese fizzy lemonade drink in glass bottle which is related to the POP and HAPPY feelings. I portrait these Ramune Girls as simple pixel art to enhance the PAREIDOLIA effect (seeing face in random pattern and simple things) so audience could feel related with the happy feeling right away without going through layers of their preference in artistic styles. When viewing the girls as AR, the happy feeling would be enhance with happy dance while the action of scanning each piece with AR tool would increase their curiosity.

AR in actions

Download AR APP : ARTIVIVE Apple Store Google Play Store



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