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FM802 Time Table Cover (May 2018)

「新緑」🌿✨ こんにちは5月 & ハッピーGW 🌿 FM802 タイムテーブルのイラストを描きました。関西中心に20万部配布してるそうです〜 私も一枚欲しいですな w ドキドキです w ❤️ {Turning of the new green } Happy Golden Week & Welcome to May 🌿 This is the illustration I created for FM802 Timetable. 200,000 copies will be distributed in Kansai area (Japan), I’m so excited. 今までずっとワクワクしてるのを正直に言っちゃったらカッコ良くなく見えるかもしれないけど、本当に本当に嬉しいですw ありがとうございます!

Although I might appear uncool If I frankly say that I'm too excite since the day I got this job, but I'm truly grateful and super happy. Thank you so much & lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

From Digmeout 【FM802 5月タイムテーブル】 FM802のタイムテーブル、5月の表紙はタイのアーティスト、リンナ・カラーヌワットさん。バンコク生まれで、ロンドン芸術大学を卒業した。 UNKNOWN ASIAにも出展するなど、日本でも多数の仕事をするワールドワイドなイラストレーターです。 {Translation} ”FM802 May 2018 timetable cover art by Rinna Clanuwat. Rinna is one of the artists participated in Unknown Asia. Rinna was born in Bangkok and graduated from University of Arts London. She is a worldwide illustrator working in many counties including Japan.”


I have been working as graphic designer in Thailand and China for a long time. Sometimes when the works are printed, colours become very different or they use the wrong papers from the spec etc. So I’m always nervous if I don’t personally go to check it at the factory. But printing in Japan is very impressive. Although I didn’t fly over to check, but the outcome is very superbly close to the original painting. It feels really nice. Thank you so much


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