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Radipass+ Member Card

My illustration for Radipass Plus Membership Card (FM802 Radio Kansai). Thank you for the opportunity and good work. ラジパスプラス(関西アリアのFM802ラジオ)のメンバーカードを描かせていただきました。ありがとうございます✨

このイラストは元々FM802 のマフラータオルデザインコンペのイラストでした。私はよく描いてる絵よりプロジェクトに合うように違うスタイルも描き方もチャレンジしてみました。凄く勉強になりました。谷口さん優しいコメントしてくれていつもありがとうございます❤️ これからも頑張ります❤️ 谷口さんのコメントはこちらです。 Actually this was the illustration for FM802 muffler towel design competition. I adjusted my drawing style to be more suitable to the funky project. I learned a lot from doing this and I got great review from my agent and client. Here is the review from Taniguchi san

Among the participants on this contest, Rinna Chan surprised me the most. As as she is always very good at drawing cute young girl with a bit of sorrowful looks, but the fact that she could do something funky, with digital illustration, with 2 colour design, with a sense of street looks, I am totally moved. The possibility of using this work on other design project is super high. I am so happy and having high expectation of using this work in the future.


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